Federal IT Program Management

The government's greatest IT need is our exclusive focus.

We focus on program management

We provide the Federal government with what it needs most in IT: strong program management. We manage Federal IT projects to ensure that they are completed on-time, on-budget, and deliver great results.

We think strategically about Federal IT

Our strategic approach includes new technology for data security, undertaking large/multiple projects, and favoring open source/standards.

Forming an innovative team

To do Federal IT work, we formed an innovative contract team. It consists of 15 companies organized in a network, not a hierarchy.

Fulfilling our public trust

The key things to know about us: our executives are very experienced, and we see Federal contracting as a public trust.

We serve as the hub of high-performance teams.

“High-performing private sector firms quickly bring together small multi-disciplinary, integrated program teams (IPTs)…At the hub of these IPTs is a strong and effective program manager who stewards the process from beginning to end.”

-The U.S. CIO’s 25-Point Plan to Reform Federal IT Management

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