Federal IT Program Management

We value cooperation, openness and public service.

Making the pie bigger

Many current business models are based upon creating artificial scarcity—arranging vendor “lock-in” or proprietary bottlenecks that can then be milked for cash.

In our view, it’s better to “make the pie bigger,” cooperating to grow new markets instead of competing to cut a bigger slice of an old one. In the words of technology thinker Kevin Kelly, we want to “feed the Web first.”

Business should be open

Our group subscribes to open business principles: operations should be transparent, and each participant should benefit according to his/her contribution.

These community-focused principles serve us well. They help create a pleasant work environment in which things tend to go smoothly and a lot gets done.

Contracting should be about trust

“It’s just business” is, in our view, is a sterile relationship. True partnerships are far more productive, and they’re based on trust and respect, not financial concerns. In our experience, they’re also more lucrative in the long term.

In working with Federal CIOs, we’re moving beyond the merely transactional (“You give me some money, I’ll give you some stuff”) to achieve our mutual goal: fulfilling our public trust to help the nation run better.

Meeting Customers’ Needs

“Business is no longer just about the product. Now it’s about solutions for the individual. Economic value is hidden in consumers’ unmet needs and is released by providing people with the means to fulfill those needs.

The new rules ask, ‘Who are you? What do you need? How can I help?’ …The more trust you build, the more value you release, and the more wealth you create.”

-Shoshana Zuboff, “The Old Solutions Have Become The New Problems”

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