Federal IT Program Management

Over 50 years of Project, Program and Portfolio Management experience.

Joseph Reddix, PMP, Reddix Group President and CEO


A PMI-certified Project Manager (PMP) with over 50+ years of experience, Mr. Reddix created the concept of a Peer-to-Peer networked group of companies organized to do Global IT work.

In TRG’s opinion, you can’t solve elastic problems without an elastic solution like our disruptive P2P Business Model and Methodology.  For complex problems like healthcare IT we need a “There is No Box” approach to staffing the IPTs.  Using a network of pooled of resources TRG defines the mission to get Federal IT projects done right. The team is focused on performance, not profit. The leadership is a dedicated program management firm, supplemented by accounting, legal, and HR firms. The project activities include working with Federal IT staff and stakeholders within Integrated Program Teams (IPTs). Consulting with Federal CIOs to implement their strategies and forming Task Teams of technology firms according to the requirements of the task order. This is kind of like a Navy Seal-Team approach to problem solving and achieving the mission.

Serving as Trusted Advisors

“Every good leader needs a trusted advisor from outside the organization. Our senior people have the expertise, experience and ethics to function as trusted advisors to Federal CIOs.”

The United States is in a point in time where “There is no Box”, where Social Media and Agile Methodologies have changed the way we design and implement systems and processes. The key is to lead by example.

-Joseph Reddix, PMP

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