Federal IT Program Management

A Global Peer-to-Peer Network Dedicated to Solving Complex Problems

A Peer-to-Peer Networked Model

We form innovative contract teams to do Federal IT work. These teams are arranged as a network, not a hierarchy; see how they’re structured.

Modern vs. Traditional Teams

Our Network operates much differently than a traditional “prime + subs” arrangement. See our advantages in a comparison of network vs. hierarchy.

Agile + Program Management

To do work on a Federal health care IT project, for example, we’d assemble a team that’s comprised of around 15 member firms that provide best-of-breed technology and services. Review one such sample team.

Collaborative Stakeholders

When we undertake Federal IT work, we make Federal Agency representatives part of the Peer-to-Peer  Integrated Program Teams (IPTs).

We talk with Agency stakeholders and end-users at every stage of a project, according to lean startup/Customer Development principles.

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