Federal IT Program Management

A network of companies doing Federal IT work.

Comprehensive capabilities

Our contract team is a network of companies organized to do Federal IT work, particularly large and/or difficult projects.

In addition to best-of-breed technology companies, the team includes firms that provide professional support such as accounting, human resources, and legal advice.

Coordination, not competition

The Reddix Group is the Team Lead. It serves as the network hub, handling communications and coordination.

To avoid competing with the companies we coordinate, The Reddix Group does no technical work directly for the customer. That’s left to our team’s member firms.

The best team for the task

When a task order is issued, we assemble individuals and companies with relevant expertise into a Task Team—the best possible team for that particular task.

Any member firm can lead a Task Team doing work that involves its area of expertise. If a task requires expertise the team initially lacks, a best-of-breed company is brought in to provide it.
Reddix Group Networked Contract Team Fact Sheet

Advantages of a Networked Team

Reduces risk
Technical capabilities are distributed among several member firms, eliminating a single point of failure.

Fosters innovation
The Team Lead serves as a conduit to bring innovative private-sector companies into Federal service.

Saves money
Since the Team Lead does only program management, its overhead costs are low.

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