Federal IT Program Management

To do Task Order work, we assemble collaborative teams.

We organize Peer-to-Peer teams according to tasks.

Most contractors manage projects through one Program Management Office. We don’t. We establish a Task Management Office for each task order we work on.

After reviewing the assigned task order, we assemble a “Task Team” of companies and individuals that are best qualified to complete each task.

We create a collaborative environment.

On Task Teams, the employees we manage work side-by-side with Federal IT personnel. The team’s work is fully transparent: our Web-based project management application allows Federal managers to monitor progress day-to-day.

This collaborative environment extends to users as well. We employ the Customer Development process to gather lots of “on the ground” information of what an application should do and how it will be used.

We help shape the solution.

We see fewer Federal RFPs that specify strict requirements and more that outline objectives, an arrangement that gives contractors more leeway to propose good solutions to IT problems.

We believe this is a healthy trend, and offer strategic planning assistance to agency CIOs and IT managers. We make ourselves available to them from a project’s earliest “blue sky” planning stages.Optimizing Performance

Optimizing Performance

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration enlisted the help of our founder, Joseph Reddix, to increase its OMB and e300 score for the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), a $375.5 million IT investment.

After receiving his assistance, NSDUH received a score of 37 from OMB and 39 from DHHS, up from a score of 22 the previous year. It was rated one of the top 10 major DHHS IT investments, and achieved “Green” status for four consecutive quarters.

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