Federal IT Program Management

Bringing people together to create large systems that work.

The best team and tech for the task

Our new approach to program management benefits large Federal IT projects in significant ways. When we manage projects, agencies get:

  • The best team
    In keeping with the Federal government’s desire for modular development, we call upon many different companies to handle a project’s technical aspects. For task order work, we’re free to assemble teams composed of “best of breed” firms.
  • The best technology
    Many IT contractors have an interest in promoting their own software or a partner firm’s solution. We don’t. We have an incentive—the better our program management, the more work we get—to employ technology that will do the job best.

Within our sharp focus, a broad scope

Because the IT programs we manage tend to be large, the scope of our work in them is correspondingly broad. We can manage portfolios of projects within an agency, and assist with IT initiatives that involve multiple agencies.

The Realization of Big Data

The secure collection and exchange of vast amounts of data enables powerful and beneficial information rich applications. We believe that the collection and movement of this information will power the innovations of the future.

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