Federal IT Program Management

We’re committed to open source and standards.

Open source is good business

We know that as software becomes increasingly commoditized, business is moving away from selling code that makes computers function toward using code to make organizations function. In our experience, it’s often easier to make organizations function using open source.

Open source software also makes it easier to build applications that function across organizations, enabling the creation of platforms that can serve markets far larger than any one proprietary application could.

The Federal government needs open standards

We saw the power of “open” when the Internet, based on open standards such as TCP/IP, grew exponentially after it was opened to the public. We can help other Federal networks thrive through the use of open standards.

Open source software not only helps networks grow, it enables the creation of applications that run anywhere on the network. With this sort of modular architecture, the Federal government can build systems from best-of-breed software components that run government-wide. This could save our nation billions in IT costs.

Supporting open technology

We’re aware that networks get more powerful and more useful the larger they get, and that open technology is the key to making them larger. We promote open source and open standards to help make that happen.

This outlook is prevalent in Silicon Valley circles, and we’d like to help make it more common in Federal contracting. That’s why we’re members of the Open Source Software Institute, an organization that promotes the use of open source in government.

Open Means Growth

“In an open system, a competitive advantage doesn’t derive from locking in customers, but rather from understanding the fast-moving system better than anyone else and using that knowledge to generate better, more innovative products…

It’s good business, since an open Internet creates a steady stream of innovations that attracts users and usage and grows the entire industry.”

-Jonathan Rosenberg, former Senior VP, Google

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